Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Willkommen + Introduction

No I don't speak German as the title suggests, I'm just incredibly pretentious. So who am I, I hear you not ask? The name's Angie and I am a deviously lazy, skinflint good-for-nothing student. I bet you're also not wondering why I created this seemingly nonsensical blog? What better reason than to poke fun at the stereotypes of university students of course! That and I'm one of 'those' people who uses their blog as their own personal diary. Don't worry I'm not the 'I hate my mum I wish she was dead' types who later finds out someone responded to my ever so subtle message (I watch too much Law and Order...) I'm more a female Charlie Brooker (or so I'd like to think, and yes I DID just call myself a female Charlie Brooker).

Anyway, I'm sure this blog will take off (hmm, sarcasm doesn't translate as well as I hoped on the internet) and I shall be posting various rants and opinions, often incoherent and probably unnecessary. So until then, adios for now!

Keeping it short and trivial,
Angie. <3


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